Sunday, October 31, 2010

Black and White Dragon

Black and White Dragon

Black and White Dragon Good picture Black and White Dragon Head to head.

Black and White Dragon Black and White Dragon, Blue eyes White Dragon and Red eyes Black Dragon.

Black and White Dragon Chinese Black and White Dragon.

Black and White Dragon Black and White Dragon, Devil.

Black and White Dragon Black and White Dragon with the big wings.

Black and White Dragon are the beautiful two Dragons that was united for some aims such as a logo, good picture collections or for the comparative between them. Some people want to see Black and White Dragon and have it's picture because according to them Black and White Dragon picture is beautiful when the two dragons was united like this.

Black and White Dragon has also made to the movie like Blue eyes With Dragon and Red eyes Black Dragon in the Yu Gi Oh! movie and They have been used as the very Ultimate that have highest level of fighting.

Black and White Dragon is also made for the game, more are the Online games in the internet and they are also used as the strong character like it was was, that is so exiting and feel like great.

White Dragon

White Dragon

White Dragon A Great White Dragon on the hill mountain.

White Dragon A Good White Dragon

White Dragon White Dragon over the mountainous

White Dragon White Dragon, Girl.

White Dragon White Dragon flying.

White Dragon White Dragon flying around the castle in the kingdom scene.

White Dragon White Dragon is being peace.

White Dragon is one of type Dragons beside Red Dragon, Blue Dragon and Gold Dragon, and there is also Silver, Black, and others. White Dragon is commonly not wilder as Red Dragon, black Dragon and Fire Dragon types. it is usually calm and peacer but there also White Dragon that is wild and great as the Fire drgons types, red and black dragon. White Dragon

White Dragon also has the wings so it can fly over the air and sky, but there are also White Dragon that hasn't it's wing. White Dragons were also haunted by the knights in the era of Dragon, that may because White Dragon also had ever make noisances in the castle of the kingdom such as kidnapping the princess. and because White Dragons are one of the greatest creaures so that the knights and the kings of the Era want them.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Blue Fire Dragon

Blue Fire Dragon
Blue Fire Dragon Great Blue Fire Dragon is surrounded bu full flames.

Blue Fire Dragon Great Big Blue Fire Dragon

Blue Fire Dragon Young Blue Fire Dragon

Blue Fire Dragon Blue Fire Dragon

Blue Fire Dragon Blue Fire Dragon

Blue Fire Dragon Blue Fire Dragon over the water

Blue Fire Dragon Blue Fire Dragon

Blue Fire Dragon Blue Fire Dragon

As A Red Fire Dragon this is Blue Fire Dragon. Blue Fire Dragon can blows up and fires the flames as Fire Dragon commonly but it has special beautiful flame that is a Blue fire/flame. And I think this flame of Blue Fire Dragon is more beautiful than the red color that because the fire is red in general but this is a blue fire that it can be stronger and more ultimate than red.
Blue Fire Dragons there are some types of them, there is the Big Blue Fire Dragon, the Great Blue Fire Dragon and young Blue Fire Dragon. Blue Fire Dragon as the Fire Dragon in a power but I think they are same strong and powerful creature even I think that the blue is a little stronger but this is not as a principal things to win in the battle.

Fire Dragon

Fire Dragon
Fire Dragon The Great Fire Dragon surrounded by flames

Fire Dragon Marking of Fire Dragon

Fire Dragon Fire Dragon

Fire Dragon Fire Dragon Mark +1 Extensive military training

There are many types of Dragon, Fire Dragon, Blue flame Dragon, Ice Dragon Etc. And these pictures are Fire Dragons. Fire Dragon is most powerful and greatest Dragons and it also rare to find that because Fire Dragon has the weapon to survive and fight other Dragons or another Big Creatures. They just Blow up and fire the big flames when they are threaten or want to beat their rivals. With the ultimate fire weapon Fire Dragon may win but there are also bigger and stronger predators too. We can see how great Fire Dragon is when it fire and blow the flames up the air. I think maybe Fire Dragon is the ultimate Creatures in the world.

Fire Dragon also often made for an ultimate weapon in the most cartoon film animation which the main characters has it and of course this jutsu is difficult to defeat. And Fire Dragons also often used in much games battle, games adventure and others. and the Games or films/movies that there are Dragons creature included inside are usually very exiting games, films or movies.

Monday, October 25, 2010

The Best Dragon

The Best Dragon

The-Best-Dragon Best white Dragon.

The-Best-Dragon Best Black Dragon.

The-Best-Dragon Best Dragon Fire.

The-Best-Dragon Best Yin and Yang Dragon and Tiger.

The-Best-Dragon Best Dragon Fantasy.

The-Best-Dragon Best Dragon Body Tattoo.

The-Best-Dragon Best Hot Dragon Tattoo.

The-Best-Dragon Best Thailand Dragon Tattoo.

The-Best-Dragon Best Dragon Back Tattoo.

The-Best-Dragon Best White Art Dragon.

The-Best-Dragon Best Dragon Art Family.

The-Best-Dragon Best Kingdom Dragon Art.

The-Best-Dragon Best Dragon Fantastic.

The-Best-Dragon Best Dragon Komodo in Indonesia.

There are the Best of Dragons that are legendary creatures, typically with serpentine or otherwise reptilian traits, that are featured in some form in the myths of nearly every culture throughout human history. But There are two of the most familiar interpretations of dragons are European dragons, derived from various European folk traditions and ultimately related to Greek and Middle Eastern mythologies, and the semi-unrelated Chinese dragon. The English word "dragon" derives from Greek, "dragon, serpent of huge size, water-snake", but here I can add with the dragon Komodo that is fact and there is in my country, Indonesia. This komodo dragon is not fantasy but its fact.

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